Specialty Classes Descriptions

Beginning Tumbling
This class mainly focuses on Floor Exercise introducing handstands, backbends, round offs, and much more. This class is perfect for students in dance or other sports but is also for anyone interested in learning tumbling skills.
Back Handsprings
This class mainly focuses on learning back handsprings while using drills and stations to break down the back handspring to perfect each element. Beginning Tumbling or Trampoline and Tumbling are prerequisites for entering this class.
Beyond Back Handspring
Beyond Back Handsprings focuses on higher level skills that come after learning a back handspring. Students will learn front handsprings, front tucks, back tucks, aerials, layouts, arabians, and twisting will also be taught. Our back handsprings class is a prerequisite for this class.
Parkour is moving rapidly through an environment, typically urban, using running, jumping, climbing, and flipping. This class can include wall flips, ground flips, tricking, and gymnastics material. Our parkour class helps to develop resilience, courage, strength of mind, adaptability, and coordination. It is the class for those who like a challenge and to get their bodies moving.
Adult Class
Have you ever watched your child during their gymnastics class and thought to yourself how fun it would be? Now is your chance, we offer an Adult Tumbling Class. By request, coaches will assist in the teaching of specific skills, or can help the student through a full range of beginner, intermediate, and advanced skills. Each class includes a warm up, drills and basics, and free tumbling. Adult Tumbling will focus on floor skills and introducing beam, uneven bars, parallel bars, etc. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!