AirTime Training Center is looking for experience and qualified team coaches for our girls Xcel program. We have a fast growing program that needs coaches who are excited to come to work each day to help the girls succeed in each level.

-Coaching girls Xcel team levels in a fast growing program
-Attending scheduled competitions throughout the year
-Attending regular team and staff meetings
-Must have coaching experience and/or personal gymnastics experience
-Personal gymnastics and coaching experience will help to determine which level new hire will coach

Qualifications: Gymnastics and gymnastics coaching experience required (team levels preferred). Must be enthusiastic, dependable, punctual and patient. Must also be a team player and have a good knowledge of the JO levels and skills.

Job Type: Part-time
Email resume to sarah.airtime@gmail.com


Are you enthusiastic, dependable, teachable and someone who wants to work with and teach children in a positive and fun atmosphere? We are hiring for part-time coaching positions in our recreational gymnastics, program. Along with an interview with our gym manager, applicants will also have a working interview that will show us how he/she interacts with the students and other coaches in a class setting.

Training will be provided for hired applicants. However, coaching experience and/or experience as a gymnast or tumbler is preferred.

Qualifications include, but not limited to:
· Enthusiastic, dependable, positive and teachable
· Basic knowledge and/or experience in the sports listed above
· Great communication skills with children and adults
· Ability to work well with any age from 18 months to 18 years
· Ability to learn from and work well with co-workers
· Good leadership skills
· Ability to follow lesson plans and to be able to adjust as needed
These are also the qualifications we look for when considering an individual for a management and other leadership positions.

Hourly Wage (DOE): $9.00-$12.00
Job Type: Part-time
Email resume to sarah.airtime@gmail.com