Girls Gymnastics

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August 3, 2020 - May 22, 2021
School Year Classes
Monthly Tuition
Hours Once a Week Twice a Week
.75 $50 $76
1 $62 $102
1.25 $71 $115
1.5 $79 $127

Class Description and Schedule



Our Recreational Program is designed around lesson plans structured to fit the individual needs of students and covers a large variety of skills. Our Girls Gymnastics classes utilize all the Olympic equipment including vault, bars, beam, floor, our 60' tumble track, and in-ground foam pits. We use a ribbon award system as athletes pass off each level, with each child attaining goals and working at her own pace.
Red Stars is the beginning level for girls ages 6 & up. Your child fundamental skills including pullovers, rolls, cartwheels, beam jumps, and walks, and basic vault tricks. Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue Stars (Prerequisite: Girls Red Stars) These next 4 levels focus on building on the foundation set in the previous level. These classes strive to further develop flexibility, strength, balance, and intermediate gymnastics skills.


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Girls Team


USAG Junior Olympic Levels 2-10
AirTime’s Girls Team is the place for athletes who love gymnastics and want to take it to the next level. Compulsory levels (2-5) focus on establishing the groundwork needed for not only competitive gymnastics, but for life—self-discipline, commitment, work ethic, and goal setting. Optional levels (6-10) get a broader experience by competing out of state and creating personalized routines with higher difficulty. AirTime’s team coaches realize their importance as role models and understand experiences in the gym will influence athletes for the rest of their lives. AirTime’s Girls Team program helps athletes reach their full potential. Call the office today to set up a team evaluation for your child!

USAG Xcel All Levels

Xcel Team is the place for girls who love gymnastics and want to compete, but who can’t commit to the training schedule or financial commitments that come with the JO program. Xcel athletes practice less hours per week and compete only in Utah. This is a more flexible competitive option for girls who are involved in other sports and activities. Xcel is a great competitive option for girls and their families.

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